Our Tour CLASSIC*** focuses to the essential sites of Colca Valley to see with very few time, as the Condor's Cross for example. Our hikes in small groups are available to any healthy persons.

Our Tour ADVENTURE**** begins as CLASSIC tour, but quickly leads you to unknown natural landscapes, far from crowded touristic places, as the very nice trek to Chimpa's Fortress, where you will walk along a pretty trail and discover better than anyone the deepness of the Canyon and the beauty of Colca Valley.

Our Tour PREMIUM***** seems to ADVENTURE tour, combining it with an extraordinary 3 hours horseback ride to the Colonial Mill and including an excellent massage too, to those who need relaxing while entertaining in an idyllic space.

Our Tour EXTREME*** addresses to sportspeople willing to experience and live an intense and physical activity. Starting as the Classic Tour but on 2nd day begins a long and steady pace trek inside Colca canyon, leaded by a trekking specialist guide, with a cumulative height difference (vertical drop/gain) of more than 2500 meters (1,5 mile).

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